Conyers Dental Associates believes strongly in a non-invasive approach to dentistry. The more proactive we are in terms of dental health and nutrition, the better your overall health and longevity of your smile will be. We understand that your mouth is the window for your body’s health, the two simply go hand-in-hand.

Early Detection and Preventative Exams Positively Affect Your Health

Regular preventative exams always help to confirm more opportunities for early detection of any serious health conditions that may arise. Early detection of a serious health condition drastically improves the success rate, and lowers the intensity of the course of action. Keep this mind to deters further permanent damage.

Our Methodology for Early Detection of Serious Health Conditions

Our dental team is well experienced in the early detection of chronic diseases like diabetes. When discovered this will cause inflamed gums or GERD inside your mouth. We also utilize a leading clinical diagnostic aid, for oral cancer screenings during each preventative exam in order to improve early detection. HPV saliva testing is available, providing a quick and easy method that determines your risk for developing oral cancer. Our comprehensive systemic approach is built on early intervention in order to optimize health and minimize the risk of damage to your heart, brain, and vital organs.

Our Health-Centered Approach to Oral Systemic Health at Conyers Dental Associates

Our health-centered approach to dental systemic health at our practice in Conyers, GA focuses on empowering you with information so you can take control of your dental health. We believe that by providing you with high quality professional care, educating you on dental-related matters, and supporting you through ongoing coaching, we can help you reach optimal dental health. Good health is truly the greatest wealth that one can possess in life. For more information regarding oral systemic health, please contact us and schedule your appointment today!