Dental insurance differs from health insurance. It is very important that our patients understand the differences and learn how dental insurance works. Conyers Dental Associates operates with full honesty and transparency and is here to help educate you in better comprehending dental insurance.

Dental Insurance Types

Dental insurance is different than health insurance, this mainly because of the calendar year maximum. Per calendar year Dental insurance coverage has a range of $1000-$2000. When the maximum is reached by your dental insurance carrier, Your benefits will reset the next calendar year. Most Dental insurances fall under either PPO or HMO. PPO will allow out of network dentists. HMO will assign patient to specific dentistry where the patient must go in order to receive benefits.

Most dental insurances providers cover a percentage of a procedure. Typically the higher the cost the lower the percentage that is covered. Cleaning exams are typically covers at 100% while other predated like fillings can be covered at around 70%. A procedure like getting crowns could range about 50%.

Our Health-Centered Approach to Dental Insurance at Conyers Dental Associates

Conyers Dental Associates will never let the insurance company interfere with your quality of care that we provide. We work extremely hard to ensure that your dental insurance benefits are optimized and make sure that you get the most out of your dental insurance. Our health-centered approach to dental insurance at our practice in Conyers, GA focuses on empowering you with information so you can take control of your dental and oral health. We believe that by providing you with high quality professional care, educating you on dental-related matters, and supporting you through ongoing coaching, we can help you reach optimal dental health. Good health is truly the greatest wealth that one can possess in life. For more information regarding dental insurance, please contact us at and schedule your appointment today!