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Conyers Dental Associates announces premium dental crowns in Conyers as a part of their comprehensive dental services.


Complete dental care starts with prevention, but sometimes more extensive measures like dental crowns are necessary. Now, Dr. Brunton and the Conyers Dental Associates team perform dental crown procedures in the office, so patients never have to see a specialist to get the care they are accustomed to.


Crowns are used in a variety of situations. Conyers Dental Associates may place a temporary or permanent crown as a single service or part of a complex dental restoration. Here are a few situations which may lead to the placement of a crown.


  • Broken teeth – Preserving a tooth is the ideal situation whenever possible. Keeping the natural tooth and root intact will always be the most comfortable, natural route. A crown that covers the broken or chipped tooth will protect it from further damage while leaving the healthy parts of the tooth alone.


  • Restore years of damage – When natural teeth get worn down, discolored, and damaged over time, it can make a patient look older and lead to pain and discomfort. Crowns are a long-term solution that can completely renew a patient’s smile.


  • Preserve bite – The alignment of a person’s teeth changes over time, especially if they have damaged or sensitive teeth. Crowns can help maintain the function of the teeth and jaw.


  • Repair uneven spacing – Crowns can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Crowns cover the natural teeth to close gaps for a uniform smile. A full set of crowns can be whiter than the patient’s existing smile, instantly brightening the smile. Filling gaps also protects the gums from damage.


Getting dental crowns in Conyers, GA is easy and affordable with Conyers Dental Associates. Dr. Brunton uses digital imaging, cutting-edge equipment, and a gentle touch to make the entire process simpler and less invasive than traditional methods.

New patients receive a complimentary consultation. From that point, the staff works with patients individually to cover the cost of services based on their personal finances.


Conyers Dental Associates handles every dental need for patients of all ages within the greater Conyers area. Their advanced diagnostics and expertise in crowns and oral surgery, combined with orthodontic treatment and teeth whitening, make Conyers Dental Associates a comprehensive dental provider located conveniently for patients throughout the greater Conyers area.


Dr. Brunton and the staff even cater to emergency needs after hours and on the weekends.


September 29, 2023

Conyers Dental Associates


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