Meet Dr. William Brunton — Top Rated Dentist in Conyers, GA

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Conyers, GA – March 16, 2021. Conyers Dental Associates announces Dr. William Brunton’s services to provide quality dental care in Conyers, GA. Dr. Brunton has worked with Conyers Dental since November 2018 and can offer patients the latest, most modern dental care techniques, including cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, general dentistry, and emergency dental care.


Learn More About Dr. Brunton

Dr. Brunton, a Conyers, GA, native, has had specialized training to give patients the highest quality dental care available in the area. Brunton graduated with honors from Georgia State University and became a DDS after graduating from Western University of Health Sciences Dental School in California.

Dr. Brunton has had an affinity for dentistry throughout his life. He enjoys developing a personal relationship with his patients. Brunton especially values physical activity such as water skiing, snowboarding, and soccer outside the office.

What Services Does Dr. Brunton Provide?

Cosmetic Dentistry

A renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brunton offers several cosmetic treatments, including crowns, caps, and veneers that can help mask and repair severe tooth damage.

Part of Conyers Dental Associates’ advanced cosmetic dentistry services includes ClearCorrect invisible braces. Functioning like traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect aligners can help patients straighten their teeth and achieve a perfect smile.

Dr. Brunton can also help whiten teeth by applying a bleaching gel. Many patients have commented that working with Dr. Brunton has made them happy and confident in their smiles.

Family Dentistry

For those who require a family dentist in Conyers, Dr. Brunton is an ideal choice. His team at Conyers Dental Associates works with families to set up regular dental exams and cleanings to keep patients’ and their families’ teeth in peak condition.

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General Dentistry


The Conyers Dental Associates office offers patients a free consultation to determine the best course of action to maintain and repair their teeth. During the initial consultation, Dr. Brunton will complete a thorough dental health exam and a digital CT scan to evaluate each patient’s overall dental health thoroughly.

After the consultation, Dr. Brunton can help patients decide on any further treatments they might need to consider. Whether they need advanced cosmetic processes or a simple cleaning, Conyers Dental will be able to take care of those procedures.


During an appointment, the Conyers Dental Associates team will offer patients guidance on the best ways to take care of their teeth at home. The hygienist will demonstrate the best ways to clean teeth and recommend products and strategies to help each patient achieve a healthy smile.

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Emergency Dental Care

No matter the reason for the dental emergency, Dr. Brunton and the Conyers Dental Associates team are available to provide a patient in distress with immediate, high-quality care. The team can complete most emergency dental care procedures the same day, so patients will not need to worry about finding professional dental care while dealing with a medical emergency.

For More Information

Anyone who has more questions for Dr. Brunton or the Conyers Dental Associates team can reach out to their top-rated dental clinic in Conyers, GA at (770) 285-0118 for a consultation or appointment.